The Friday Face Off: …the airplane takes off against the wind…

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it…

A cover which features a plane

Welcome to my first contribution to the fabulous Friday Face Off, a weekly meme hosted by Books by Proxy. Today's theme is aeroplanes and I have chosen God of the Hive by Laurie R King, #10 in the Mary Russell series, and am pitting the UK and US versions of the cover against each other, both of which feature an aeroplane for good measure:

UK Edition
US Edition

For me, it has to be the UK edition for the striking colour and the 1920's feel, which is the decade in which the book is set.

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6 thoughts on “The Friday Face Off: …the airplane takes off against the wind…

  1. Welcome to joining the Friday Face-off crew, Louise. I love your choice of book – what an excellent one! I’ve read the first in the series and enjoyed it. Actually, while I really like the UK version – I LOVE the US cover. The honey-coloured sky with the overlay of the honeycomb pattern and the unusual viewpoint looking up from the foot of Westminster Bridge gives a stunning effect… Thank you for sharing. My Friday Face-off –

  2. I absolutely love the UK covers for the Mary Russel series – I only have the first three books and I think each one is delightful! They have a beautiful 1930’s style and I love the bold colours – it reminds me of poster art 😀

    I’ve never even seen the US covers before but this one is great! I love the honeycomb pattern, the dark colours against the vivid honey sky and the fact that it has a bit of a modern spin to it.

    Great choices! 😀

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