The Devil's Claw by Lara Dearman banner

The Devil’s Claw by Lara Dearman

This is the debut novel of Lara Dearman and is a tense crime thriller set on Guernsey, the Channel Island on which Dearman and the book’s protagonist, grew up. Journalist Jennifer Dorey has returned to the island to regroup after a trauma but soon finds herself on the trail of a serial killer who has evaded capture for decades and in even greater danger.

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The Confession by Jo Spain banner

The Confession by Jo Spain

The Confession is a new standalone novel from the hugely talented Jo Spain, best known for her Inspector Tom Reynolds mysteries. You are hooked from the shocking opening in which the murderer is revealed in the very first chapter and just have to read on to find out the story behind the murder.

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Glass & Water by Abi Curtis banner

Water & Glass by Abi Curtis

In a dystopian near future Nerissa Crane is aboard a futuristic submarine a survivor of an environmental catastrophe that has flooded the Earth. She is a zoologist in charge of the animals aboard and when one of her charges escape she is forced into greater contact with her crew mates and the revelation of a bigger picture.

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