Book Hints: Crime & Mystery November 2018

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Book hints for the crime & mystery themed November book box!

For those of you of a curious disposition, which lets face it is most of us crime and mystery fans, here are some clues as to just one of the stunning hard back books that will be in the next crime & mystery themed My Chronicle Book Boxes:
1. This is tipped to be one of the autumn's best selling books
2. This is the author's second novel
3. The books end papers feature peacock feathers
4. The novel has a historical setting
5. The novel features malevolent ladies' undergarments!
I will also let you know that this lovely author has written us readers a wonderful letter to accompany her book!

Louise x


My Chronicle Book Box are proud to have put in the hours reviewing, shortlisting, considering publishing schedules and ultimately selecting what we think are the best books for your book box. We compliment the selected books with a range of hand-picked related treats for the ultimate reading box experience, browse our past boxes for examples. Feel free to have a look around our subscription book box shop homepage for yourself, or a wonderful bookish gift box.

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Hi, I’m Louise and I am the driving force behind My Chronicle Book Box. I am a busy working Mum, with three gorgeous daughters and a very supportive husband. I spend much of my spare time reading and reviewing a wide variety of books and love the whole idea of subscription book boxes.

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