Book hints: May 2019 crime & mystery book box

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Book hints for the crime & mystery themed May 2019 book subscription box!

**Potential Spoiler Alert!**

Part of the fun of our subscription is that subscribers do not know exactly what will be contained in their sapphire blue box until it lands on their doorstep and they unpack and unwrap the contents.

Yet on the other hand, I get so excited about the great books we are going to include and many of you would like an idea of what is coming up so I'm going to give you some clues to all 3 fab books that will be in our May 2019 book subscription box.

In no particular order:

The first book I want to tell you about is by one of my favourite crime authors! This is a hardback signed by the author and I've wrapped it in green craft paper. This Scottish author is well known and loved for his Scottish Island based crime thrillers but this novel is set in Brussels and follows a cynical journalist as he tries to get to the bottom of the murder of a fellow journalist and a politician.

The next book I have wrapped in pale blue craft paper and has been written by a former police and military psychologist who has kindly signed post cards for us. This is a fast moving, cat-and-mouse thriller which covers both sides of the Atlantic. This is a clever story and the ending really packs a punch!

The third book completing the set of 3 books, is a police procedural surrounding kidnappings in and around the City of Oxford. Our copies are signed and I have wrapped them in this stunning yellow gold craft paper:

It is written in the third person so that we find out information as the police do giving the reader lots of opportunity for working out who did it and why! I failed miserably by the way because it has some great twists!

Can you deduce the books in question? Happy mystery solving!

My Chronicle Book Box are proud to have put in the hours reviewing, shortlisting, considering publishing schedules and ultimately selecting what we think are the best books for your book box. We compliment the selected books with a range of hand-picked related treats for the ultimate reading box experience, browse our past boxes for examples. Feel free to have a look around our subscription book box shop homepage for yourself, or a wonderful bookish gift box.

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Hi, I’m Louise and I am the driving force behind My Chronicle Book Box. I am a busy working Mum, with three gorgeous daughters and a very supportive husband. I spend much of my spare time reading and reviewing a wide variety of books and love the whole idea of subscription book boxes.

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