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Hi, I’m Louise and I am the founder of My Chronicle Book Box. Here is a little bit more about me, and why I am so passionate about books.

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I am a busy working Mum, with three gorgeous daughters and a very supportive husband. I am also a book lover. I read ebooks for convenience but I love a physical book for the feel, the smell and the simple pleasure of admiring them on the bookshelf.

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I can’t name a favourite book or author since I have loved so many books but I would perhaps say the author that has influenced me most would be Sir Terry Pratchett because his books inspired a love of reading from childhood and through adulthood.

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My bookshelves contain an eclectic mix of titles but there are two common themes to a lot of my reading material and that is Sci Fi / fantasy and crime / mystery, predictably some of my favourites combine them both.

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I read because I am curious and love to learn, but also very much to relax and recharge and just simply of the fun of it!

I love the whole idea of subscription boxes – regular mail packages to look forward to! Combined with my love of books, the idea of My Chronicle Book Box formed.

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I began to think about what I would want in a subscription box and through chatting to friends and family I discovered I was not the only one who wanted to buy such a book box for themselves or as a gift.

My aim is to combine beautiful books with the amazing things our UK artisans produce to curate a unique reading package that I would love to receive and share it with you.

My Chronicle Book Box are proud to have put in the hours reviewing, shortlisting, considering publishing schedules and ultimately selecting what we think are the best books for your book box. We compliment the selected books with a range of hand-picked related treats for the ultimate reading box experience, browse our past boxes for examples. Feel free to have a look around our subscription book box shop homepage for yourself, or a wonderful bookish gift box.

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