Real books have a special place in my life

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Real books have a special place in life!

So, as part of my look back at the books I read in 2017, I noted that the number of e-books I read as a proportion of my total books had increased, as it has every year for the past few. I can’t deny the convenience of my e-reader; being able to carry a library in my handbag? Awesome! But, somehow that also makes me appreciate my physical books even more. In my ever busier life, those times when I manage to curl up with an actual, real book? They are very special. I find something very soothing and tactile about reading a physical book that I can’t really explain. I also adore the aesthetic and feeling of having shelves full of great books!

There are some books that just have to be read in hard copy, a couple of standouts from my 2017 list for example were Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott because of the lovely illustrations it includes by Sasha Laika and Soot by by Andrew Martin which has a very tactile cover and black page edges as though the book really was covered in soot!

It is from this love of books and reading that the idea for My Chronicle Book Box was born. I want to encourage you to take a moment and treat yourself to the relaxation and enjoyment a good book can bring. 

I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book

- JK Rowling

My Chronicle Book Box are proud to have put in the hours reviewing, shortlisting, considering publishing schedules and ultimately selecting what we think are the best books for your book box. We compliment the selected books with a range of hand-picked related treats for the ultimate reading box experience, browse our past boxes for examples. Feel free to have a look around our subscription book box shop homepage for yourself, or a wonderful bookish gift box.

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Hi, I’m Louise and I am the driving force behind My Chronicle Book Box. I am a busy working Mum, with three gorgeous daughters and a very supportive husband. I spend much of my spare time reading and reviewing a wide variety of books and love the whole idea of subscription book boxes.

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